Tree Board

The Tree Board is a seven (7) member board that was established by the Village Tree Ordinance. There are also 2 ex officio members. The first board members were appointed in 1999.


To protect and improve East Aurora's Village trees.


  1. Education for tree board members, Village staff, Village leaders and the public about the value of urban trees and their care. Tree board members will stay abreast of the most current research in urban forestry.
  2. To develop a village forestry master plan that addresses tree plantings, maintenance and removals.
  3. To ensure adequate funding for Village forestry programs. The tree board will explore a variety of funding sources including municipal funding, grant programs, and private contributions.
  4. The tree board organizes programs and projects that protect and improve Village trees. These programs include: Annual Arbor Day Event, the Annual Tree Care Clinic, the Spring Clean Up, and the Tree Walking Tour.
  5. The tree board will continue to participate in the National Arbor Day Foundation's Tree City USA program. East Aurora has been designated as a Tree City USA since 1998.


  • Jesse Griffis,Chair
  • Ellen Neumaier
  • Frederick "Frits"Hoffman
  • Joseph Blind
  • Dave Simeone
  • Jeff Ramsey
  • Karen Lee


  • Village Trustee Kristin Cameron
  • Jeff Stoll, DPW Streets Foreman

Tree Board Chair Jesse Griffis is fielding questions regarding trees and tree plantings in our community. You can go to the blog site or e-mail Jesse at