The Planning Commission is advisory. It reviews issues referred to it by the Village Board such as Special Use Permits, commercial site plans and proposed changes in zoning. Based upon its review, the Planning Commission develops findings and makes recommendations for approval or denial to the Village Board.

As it sees fit on other issues of general concern to the Village, including, but not limited to, traffic, parking, or housing, the Planning Commission may also conduct studies or reviews and make recommendations to the Village Board.

The Planning Commission is comprised of Village residents and business owners with varying backgrounds. All have a common concern for the future of the Village and its character. The members use their perspective and experience to evaluate the issues before them, taking into account the long-term interests of the Village, its residents and its business community.

The members of the Planning Commission are nominated by the Mayor and approved by the Village Board. Members serve three-year terms without compensation.

Meetings are subject to change if there are no applications. To the extent practicable, changes will be posted on this website, or call the Village office at 716-652-6000, option 4.

Follow this link for assistance with planning, building, zoning and code enforcement, as the Village shares officials covering these duties with the Town.

Planning Commission Meeting Calendar 2024

Planning Commission Meeting Calendar '23-'24

Current Members

  • Randy West (4/2027)-Chair
  • Dale Morris (4/2025)- Deputy Chair

    Allen Ott Jr. (4/2027)

    Dan Castle (4/2027)
  • Geoff Hintz (4/2026)

    Stacy Oar (4/2026)
  • Dave Simeone (4/2025)
  • Deborah Izatt (Alternate thru 4/2025)
  • K. Grace Viger (Village Board Liaison)