Meetings are subject to change if there are no applications before the commission.  To the extent practicable, we will post changes on our home page.  You may also call the Village Clerk's office at 716.652.6000, option 4.

The Village Planning Commission was originally established by village board resolution on February 22, 1926 pursuant to Article 12A of General Municipal Law.

Members of the planning commission are appointed by the Mayor and Village Board; each of the members serve a staggered three term.

Duties include the review of development plans, special permits and other special projects referred to the commission by the Village Board.

A  statute adopted by the New York State Legislature, effective January 1, 2007, requires that that members of planning boards and commissions and zoning board of appeals receive a minimum of four hours of training per year.

Planning Commission Meeting Calendar

Current Members

  • Dan Castle (4/2024)
  • Allen Ott Jr. (4/2024)
  • Randy West-Chair (4/2024)
  • Geoff Hintz (4/2023)

    Stacy Oar (4/2023)
  • Dale Morris (4/2025)
  • Arron Fisher (4/2025)
  • Cornell Babcock (Alternate)
  • Marcia Kimmel-Hurt (Village Board Liaison)